hiring a PhotoBooth in Sydney

Organising a Birthday orany social event let’s add something exciting to entertain your guests.

iCanvas Photobooth  fun doesn’t stop with wedding only. Regardless of whether you are arranging a birthday party, family get-together, goodbye capacity, commitment, or pretty much any other occasion you need to recall, iCanvas Booth wouldn’t want anything more than to be there and make your event more fun and memorable. We have a scope of corner alternatives accessible to flawlessly suit pretty much any occasion you can consider.

PhotoBooth Costume Parties

Occasions with a topic are our forte! Our photobooth for party catch a three-quarter body shot so you can see every one of those astonishing outfits and fit in the entire group! Outfit parties are the perfect chance to catch your visitors taking a gander at their best, and you would prefer not to pass up any of those amazing photo openings!

Photo booths are popular to add fun and exciting moments in parties

Photo booths are popular to add fun and exciting moments in parties
Photo booths are popular to add fun and exciting moments in parties

Nothing will liven up your next gathering in excess of a photo booth for party corner! In case you’re thinking about how to keep your guests involved at your next gathering, look no further. The photobooth will make them taking photos throughout the night!

  Kid’s birthday parties

  Special age celebrations such as eighteenths, twenty-firsts, thirtieths…the list goes on!

  Engagement parties

  Going away parties

  Life celebrations

  Christenings

  Bat mitzvahs

Things you should know before hiring a PhotoBooth in Sydney

 So,do you need a photo booth for your next event?  You searched “photo booth for hire” or “photobooth Sydney” and you will see a whole lot of companies providing photo booth hire.  How do you select?  Is it price, Is it service, Is it quality or is it Reliability that you are after?  Well, consider the following key points before making your decision:

  1. Some photobooth for hire companies are just there to make some money on the side on weekends while they work on the weekdays. Obviously, you would like to go with a company whose focus is Photobooth and they focus on providing the best services.
  2. If you research about the photobooths, you will find that there are some companies whose owner runs the business and have a great knowledge of the photo booth but hires some casual employees for the events. Well, they may be experienced and have knowledge of the photo booth, but they cannot be as motivated as the owner themselves or permanent employees of the company to look after every single detail of your event.
  3. In order to provide you with the best and highest quality images, they should have knowledge of photography. Do they consider the lighting of the venue? Do they provide the dish to disperse the flash and prevent shadows? What kind of lighting they use to make the picture look like it has been taken in a studio and provide the best quality picture? Please make sure they know what they are talking about and make sure they know what they are doing if you are looking for quality images.
  4. Make sure they are providing the best services and taking your enquiries seriously. Does the company take their time in replying to your email and enquiries or they take your enquiry serious and answer your calls, emails, text immediately? Service expectations are more than ever now and if they are not taking care of you at the enquiry stage, what makes it sure that they will take care of you at the delivery stage?